l’officiel art: “reflections on the state of youth”, essay

puig conference, talk

Spoke about my work, Gen Z brand experiences and leadership at an internal PUIG conference in Paris and Barcelona, March 2018. Thanks for having me!

highsnobiety: “this 18-year-old magazine founder is challenging the fashion elite”

“Alongside co-founders Felicia Granath, Morteza Vaseghi and Geir Haraldeseth, By Olsen has now launched a new magazine, dedicated to creating a critical dialogue within the fashion industry. Called Wallet, the first issue features interviews with COMME des GARÇONS’ Adrian Joffe, colette founder Sarah Andelman and Jefferson Hack, the CEO and co-founder of Dazed. Alongside the interviews — which include questions like “How do you stay relevant” and “Who gains from your influence of power as CEO, except from you?” — the magazine features an editorial section where younger creatives like Eckhaus Latta, Wali Mohammed Barrech, and DIS, each of whom has complete control over a single page.” Continue reading

dazed: “the new pocket-sized publication tackling fashion’s biggest subjects”

“Fashion journalism has been in an un-ideal state for a while” says Elise By Olsen who, at just 18, has recently resigned from her role as editor of Recens magazine – a title she’d held from the age of 13, when she founded the publication. By Olsen has no intention of resting on her laurels, though – as editor-in-chief of Wallet, her new pocket-sized publication, she intends to “recreate a new conscious through questioning and quizzing the people in power in fashion now,” she tells us.” Continue reading

i-d: “you can be the new editor of youth culture magazine recens paper”

“The magazine’s founder Elise is resigning because she’s 18 now and wants to find the next voice of a generation to takeover.” Continue reading

SSENSE: elise by olsen renounces her youth in new documentary

“The world is obsessed with youth. Fascinated by adolescence, by precociousness, by young people rebelling, excelling, doing almost anything. An age can be an accomplishment in itself. For years, editor and curator Elise By Olsen was framed by such headlines. Intelligent and assertive beyond her years, By Olsen was a pre-teen magazine editor (she started Recens Paper when she was 13) who built a vigorous artistic community of like-minded young people around her publication. For By Olsen, “Recens Paper was a celebration of youth culture generated by youth culture.” But as she approached 18, she began to feel that her involvement in Recenswas becoming inauthentic, that she was at risk of exploiting youth culture in the same way so much of the industry does. What can an adult say about youth culture, when they are no longer themselves a youth? “Now, at 18, I am no longer a minor. Running a youth magazine as an adult would be like running a student magazine as a teacher.” In order to stay true to the publication’s mandate, By Olsen decided to retire her Editor-In-Chief position. And what will become of Recens? By Olsen’s resignation will involve the appointment of a new, younger Editor-In-Chief. In a documentary collaboration with SSENSE entitled Youth Mode, Elise By Olsen explains her decision to step-down from Recens Paper and usher in the next chapter.” Continue reading here

“YOUTH MODE” – a documentary by gucci & ssense

Directed by Kristian Engelsen
Music by Jimi Somewhere, Julian K, Malibu, Smerz, Theo Mode
Special thanks to Gucci & all of my team at Recens
it’s nice that: “ones to watch 2018”

“Over the past decade, Oslo-based creative Elise By Olsen has set up the creative network Archetype, founded two accomplished print publications, Recens Paper and Wallet, curated an exhibition at the New Galerie in Paris, co-curated a digital exhibition, Life Killed My Chihuahua, at London’s Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac alongside Bjarne Melgaard as well as being an accomplished brand consultant and university lecturer. Did I mention she’s only 18? Bearer of the title “youngest editor-in-chief in the world,” Elise reflects back on how it all began: “I started blogging when I was eight. At first, I would write about what I had done at school and what I had eaten for dinner – all these random things. Then my blog slowly transformed into a fashion space.” Year by year, her endeavours have evolved into a wide-ranging and polished portfolio of work.” Continue reading

thaddaeus ropac: “life killed my chihuahua”

“Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, London, is pleased to present an exhibition in two parts by Bjarne Melgaard. Semi-digital and semi-physical, a gallery exhibition Bodyparty (Substance Paintings) will be displayed in tandem with a virtual extension Life Killed My Chihuahua.

Life Killed My Chihuahua is a digital concept by Julia Peyton-Jones, Senior Global Director: Special Projects at Ropac, curated by Melgaard himself and publisher Elise By Olsen. It’s about the loneliness of being an artist and grants a unique insight into Melgaard’s artistic practice by chronicling Oslo’s contemporary counterculture; showcasing prominent creatives from Oslo’s thriving underground scene. Including contributions from Oslo based Admir Batlak, Anne Karine Thorbjørnsen, Bror August, Charlie Roberts, Haik, Matias Kiil, Morteza Vaseghi, Pasenau, Silicone Works, Victoria Duffee, the content ranges from sculpture, video, painting, textile, design, photography and graphics. Concurrent with and running in parallel to the exhibition in the gallery, Life Killed My Chihuahua will unfold on the gallery’s Instagram (@thaddaeusropac). It actively involves the audience by creating a holistic relationship between the physical and digital, spatially-limited and virtual, introversion in Bodyparty (Substance Paintings) and the extraversion in Life Killed My Chihuahua. Both parts are characteristic of Melgaard’s singular style: independent, radical and non-conformist.”

artforum: “best of 2017”

Recens Paper mentioned “Best of 2017” by artist Yngve Holen in Artforum December 2017.

wallet: admins of authority

In the first issue of Wallet, we look at authority. “Admins of Authority” dives straight to the core of a contested topic in the fashion world. Who’s got the power? This issue takes an interest in how those who are on top of the fashion game, the authoritarians – the administrators – regard their power, and, in the editorial, asks those that are affected by this power to use their craft to shape a relationship to what that power is a symbol of to them. The establishment, or authority, might sound like a very bureaucratic term, but just defining what the terms administrator and authority mean is an interesting place to start. We all know the administrator, and perhaps link the term to the professional services, managing and dispensing resources, but the history of the term also includes functions to aid, help and cooperate. In one way, an authority represents a power, symbolic, financial, or cultural, that is dependent on administration to flourish. Some of you might see yourself as representing either one or more of these powers, be it symbolic, financial, or cultural. Continue reading

topical cream: “elise by olsen questions admins of authority with “wallet””

“We are used to the story of the young phenom by now. Brands and media outlets depend on seasonal crops of fresh young things to ally themselves with and promote in order to appear young and relevant themselves. Elise By Olsen, now 17, is all too aware of the ways youth culture is exploited, misrepresented, and misunderstood by the people in charge of some of the most influential fashion labels and magazines. This fall, By Olsen is closing the chapter on Recens Paper, the semiannual print magazine she started at 13, about youth culture generated by youth culture, with plans to launch a new fashion journal Wallet with Geir Haraldseth, director of Rogaland Kunstsenter in Stavanger, Norway.” Continue reading

WWD: “elise by olsen questions admins of authority with “wallet””

“The launch issue of Wallet magazine will examine power and authority in the fashion industry.” Continue reading

gucci “emeair region store managers meeting”, talk

Gave a talk about Gen Z retail experience at Gucci’s internal EMEAIR Region Store Managers Meeting in Milan, November 2017. Thanks for having me!

“Transitions; Transatlantic Treatment” co-curated by elise by olsen

“Rod Bianco is proud to present TRANSITIONS: TRANSATLANTIC TREATMENTS, a group exhibition with a transitory dialogue on America; the images, influences and interactions that informs the rest of the world. How is todays political climate shaping the relationship between the individual and the collective? With an increasing emphasis being put on the singular experience in the public conversation, all of the artists reflect upon the tensions between the individual and society through a different approach to the subject matter. The exhibition includes contributions by Brian Kokoska, Darja Bajagic, Eliza Douglas, Ida Ekblad, Jon Rafman, Juliana Huxtable, Kaari Upson and Matias Kiil.” Continue reading

“EARLY WORKS” curated by elise by olsen

Photo: Claire Dorn

“Honouring the early works in the early stages of 10 emerging artists, Elise By Olsen is proud to present Early Works at New Galerie Paris. Early Works was developed during Elise’s 89plus residency at the Google Arts & Culture Lab” Continue reading

it’s nice that: “elise by olsen on stepping down as the world’s youngest editor-in-chief”

“(…) From there blossomed Recens Paper, a glossy independent print publication which stood every bit as strong as the seasoned titles which sat next to it on the newsstand. Four years and seven issues on, the 17-year old Oslo-based editor has decided to step down to make way for a newer, younger editor. As Elise prepares to launch the magazine’s final issue under her editorial control, we caught up with the editor to discover what’s next.” Continue reading

recens paper #7: recycle


“Elise By Olsen is only 17 years old. She runs from Oslo the most exciting magazine currently existing. And to be completely transparent, let us say we are very close to her. In our opinion, she is the future of fashion in the western world.” Continue reading

indie magazine: “shaping change: 17-year-old editor Elise By olsen on youth’s creative power”

“A paradox especially young creatives are directly affected by – their visions appropriated yet not equally appreciated. Elise by Olsen, 17-year-old editor in chief of her own print publication Recens Paper, made changing this instance her mission. She started her own magazine at the age of 13 and is since then constantly striving to showcase the diverse talent of her generation.” Continue reading

i-d magazine: “elise by olsen’s manifesto for future”

“Recens Paper is a biannual title dedicated to empowering young people and their ideas. Issue Six is their biggest ever, featuring interviews with 20 up-and-coming talents across 270 pages. “ Continue reading

recens paper issue #6: invent


dazed100 2017

“Dazed 100 is a definitive guide to the next generation shaping youth culture.” Continue reading

showstudio: “gucci – autumn/winter 2017 panel discussion”

recens paper #5: share

highsnobiety: “meet the world’s youngest magazine editor”

“Her strong view and determination to offer something unique has paid off. Countless zines and coffee table magazines pop-up each year, and with the print media industry decreasing in sales, Olsen’s Recens has landed a place on the shelves of Tate Modern, Dover Street Market, 10 Corso Como, Palais de Tokyo, colette and Opening Ceremony.” Continue reading

i-d magazine: “meet the 16-year-old editor fighting for a borderless generation”

“16-year-old Elise By Olsen is lighting the way for a generation who make their own rules, reject conventional stereotypes and embrace individuality. The Norwegian teen, who grew up just outside Oslo, started blogging when she was just eight years old, before going on to launch Recens Paper in 2014. Four issues in, Recens Paper is challenging the print magazine status quo, offering a space for young people to showcase their work whilst breaking down stereotypes of gender and race. Showing no sign of slowing down, this month Elise gave her first Ted Talk. We caught up with her to discuss the future of publishing and her experiences running an international fashion magazine.” Continue reading

TEDx: “a manifest from generation z”

recens paper #4: invent


“In an industry obsessed with youth, Oslo-based editor Elise By Olsen has the ultimate asset. When she was just 13 she founded Recens Paper, a fashion magazine devoted to youth culture. Two years later, her magazine’s progressive ideals and post-digital aesthetic are at peak relevance in a season of fashion collections offering their interpretations of androgyny, individuality, and every possible permutation of youth subculture.” Continue reading

recens paper #3: observe

i-d magazine: “recens paper’s 15-year-old founder shares her manifesto”

“In reaction to the the commercials dumped on them, the beauty standards forcing them to doubt themselves, and the gender stereotypes attempting put them in a box, a group of young creatives came together to form Recens Paper. From Kickstarter pledges to global stockists, young voices are making themselves heard, it’s time to pay attention to Generation Z. Here, its 15-year-old founder Elise By Olsen issues her call-to-arms to join the movement and shares her vision of tomorrow…” Continue reading

the guardian: “rising star: meet Oslo’s 15-year-old answer to tavi gevinson”

“Elise By Olsen first began blogging when she was eight. Granted, it was mostly diatribes about her packed lunch, but still – eight?! So it’s no surprise that seven years later, the now 15-year-old Norwegian teenager has founded an entire blogging network and is the editor of a newish magazine, Recens, which this week sees the launch of issue number two.” Continue reading

it’s nice that: “meet the 15-year-old behind Recens Paper who’s ready to take over the world”

“Recens Paper gives a voice to the youth and is what they want to see, instead of perfectionism, gender stereotypes, beauty standards and commercialism. I have now been nominated as the world’s youngest editor-in-chief by the Guinness World Records, which is kind of fun…” Continue reading

recens paper #2: explore