wallet: admins of authority

In the first issue of Wallet, we look at authority. “Admins of Authority” dives straight to the core of a contested topic in the fashion world. Who’s got the power? This issue takes an interest in how those who are on top of the fashion game, the authoritarians – the administrators – regard their power, and, in the editorial, asks those that are affected by this power to use their craft to shape a relationship to what that power is a symbol of to them. The establishment, or authority, might sound like a very bureaucratic term, but just defining what the terms administrator and authority mean is an interesting place to start. We all know the administrator, and perhaps link the term to the professional services, managing and dispensing resources, but the history of the term also includes functions to aid, help and cooperate. In one way, an authority represents a power, symbolic, financial, or cultural, that is dependent on administration to flourish. Some of you might see yourself as representing either one or more of these powers, be it symbolic, financial, or cultural. Continue reading

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