thaddaeus ropac: “life killed my chihuahua”

“Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, London, is pleased to present an exhibition in two parts by Bjarne Melgaard. Semi-digital and semi-physical, a gallery exhibition Bodyparty (Substance Paintings) will be displayed in tandem with a virtual extension Life Killed My Chihuahua.

Life Killed My Chihuahua is a digital concept by Julia Peyton-Jones, Senior Global Director: Special Projects at Ropac, curated by Melgaard himself and publisher Elise By Olsen. It’s about the loneliness of being an artist and grants a unique insight into Melgaard’s artistic practice by chronicling Oslo’s contemporary counterculture; showcasing prominent creatives from Oslo’s thriving underground scene. Including contributions from Oslo based Admir Batlak, Anne Karine Thorbjørnsen, Bror August, Charlie Roberts, Haik, Matias Kiil, Morteza Vaseghi, Pasenau, Silicone Works, Victoria Duffee, the content ranges from sculpture, video, painting, textile, design, photography and graphics. Concurrent with and running in parallel to the exhibition in the gallery, Life Killed My Chihuahua will unfold on the gallery’s Instagram (@thaddaeusropac). It actively involves the audience by creating a holistic relationship between the physical and digital, spatially-limited and virtual, introversion in Bodyparty (Substance Paintings) and the extraversion in Life Killed My Chihuahua. Both parts are characteristic of Melgaard’s singular style: independent, radical and non-conformist.”

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