Editor & creative director
Dissecting the Archive

Exhibition curated by Elise By Olsen & Else Thorenfeldt in 2024 at ATOPOS cvc, Athens. “The curatorial intervention examines the anatomy of an archive: how is it assembled, taken apart? Using clinical procedures and protocols, “Dissecting the Archive” drills into the flesh of two archives: that of the International Library of Fashion Research – with its contemporary specialist library of books, magazines and other printed ephemera – and ATOPOS cvc – with its extensive collection of primarily paper-based garments, costumes and design artifacts from international designers. Opening and closing acid free boxes, in the right order, intricately removing the delicate sheets of tissue paper – with gloves and robes – extracting the garments and printed matter one-by-one. The archival objects are then researched, removed and ruptured with an archeological approach – in order to rescue and recover the ‘dying’ medium that is paper.”