Editor & creative director
Pocket Pamhplet

Russian Federation Pavilion in collaboration with 2050+ at the Venice Biennale of Architecture 2020 invited Elise By Olsen to contribute to “Voices (towards other institutions),” a collection of interdisciplinary contributions and perspectives into new ways of thinking about and building institutions. By Olsen responded to the invitation by creating a foldable one-sheet, zine-friendly, pocket-sized publication for which she invited six fellow contemporary publishers who are constantly challenging the traditional institution of publishing. The publication was distributed as a free, digital download and could be printed out by anyone online. Featuring Cecilia Dean, co-founder of VISIONAIRE; Kirill Rozhentsov, editor-in-chief of syg.ma; Yusuf Hassan, publisher of BlackMass Publishing; Isabelle Graw, publisher of Texte zur Kunst; Paul Soulellis, founder & publisher of Queer.Archive and Olu Odukoya, publisher of Modern Matter & Kilimanjaro.